White-Label Roji Integration
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Our white label platform provides select partners with the opportunity to integrate part or all of Roji’s functionality into their platform without the need to develop any code. In general, most of the features listed here are accessible through the Roji SaaS web admin interface, however the difference between the self service and the white label platform is that the white label platform allows you to support multiple independent users and accounts that are your users, not Roji users.

Level 1 White-Labeling

Provides you access with some or all the API and Smart Contact level functionality of the Roji Platform. The platform can be accessed either directly through smart contract factories or through our API.

If you are minting securities or security-alike instruments this needs to be done through the Smart Contract factories unless stated otherwise in writing by Roji Inc.

Level 2 White-Labeling

Built upon Level 1 White-Labeling. This also includes one or more of the following:

  • Access to a custom version of the ROJI NFT wallet for Android and iOS.

  • Access to the code base for the Roji admin platform - this can be used as base to quickly spin up your own website.

  • Access to the code base for the ROJI Web based wallet code for end users. This can be used to create end user facing sites when the widget route is not enough.

Becoming a White-Label Integration Partner

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